Academy Cleaning offer the highest standards of window cleaning quality the industry offers.


Our professional cleaning providers abide by a set list of procedures and guidelines that ensure you are complete satisfied:
• Guarantee customer satisfaction
• All chemicals used are environmentally safe
• Always provide dependable, honest and quality workmanship

You can expect the following when scheduling your window cleaning:
• The number of windows to be cleaned will be verified before work begins
• The interior and exterior of every window will be washed down with a strip-washer to remove all dirt possible
• A razor blade will be used to remove paint and stickers if required
• A squeegee will be used after the window has been strip-washed to remove all remaining excess water and sparkle up the window
• All window screens will be brushed down to remove as much dirt and dust as possible

Window cleaning is an important part of any homes maintenance as dirt build up is one of the leading causes of deterioration and staining.


The Academy team has a huge client portfolio throughout Essex including private houses, pubs, restaurants and numerous business outlets.