Academy Cleaning: our story

It all began in 2009 with an old Rover 25, a squeegee, bucket and a BT ladder I bought from a car boot sale (note to BT – your ladders are unbelievably heavy…..)

From my shoe-box bedroom, I drew a nine mile radius on a map around the city of Chelmsford I knew I needed a plan – just knocking on doors was not going to achieve my objectives so I devised a three year work plan. At the end of this period, I had achieved my first initial objective - a full month’s worth of properties on my rota.

Business expansion is one of the most crucial elements of building an enterprise. Reliable, trustworthy employees who can maintain quality whilst being efficient are not easy to find.. In fact, it proved to be a nightmare. I found no-one who was what I now call suitably “Academy-qualified” just people who did not turn up, paid no attention to detail and were not interested in providing a quality service.

As with many small businesses, family members can play an important part in expansion and, with this in mind, my nephew, Marley, joined me, first as a part-time worker. However, it soon became evident that Marley could not only maintain standards but was also interested in developing the business. He quickly became an integral part of the company and played a major role in the company’s expansion into the Brentwood and Shenfield areas. In three years, the business doubled in size with not one single complaint but with many compliments and recommendations.

Marley showed the professionalism and had gained the experience to run half the business as a franchise, allowing us both the opportunity to continue expanding on “passion and reputation” under the trusted Academy Cleaning brand.

I have now settled with my other half in Clavering on the Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridge borders and was keen to expand in this area. In the past, I have cold-called relentlessly but for the second time, I purchased a window cleaning round in Ware and Hertford which has proved to be a sound investment. I currently have two employees operating with me (Alfie and Archie) and in time when they are both “Academy-qualified”, they will continue to develop the business in their own area.

An important ethic which I instill into all who work with me is ”If you take short cuts, you get cut short” which means losing customers and reputation. Academy Cleaning’s motto is “Expanding on passion and reputation”. We care about what we do, we care about you, our customers. We enjoy providing a quality and reliable service and look forward to seeing you soon.

William Nobbs, Academy Cleaning